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Top Things To Do On Your St. Lucia Holidays

St. Lucia is a jewel in the sea with abounding beauty and black sand beaches making this tiny slice of paradise the perfect Caribbean holidays escape. Fill you day with places to go and things to do, or kick your shoes off and plant yourself in front of the waves. Caribbean holidays are always served your way, taking the fast lane to excitement or the slow road to relaxation. The Mount Pimard Tr Read More...


This interesting town of San Roque is located 35 kilometers away from Estepona. which is in the province of C?diz. History SAN ROQUE was established by the Gibraltarians who fled from the British, who captured Gibraltar and looted their belongings in 1704. They had wanted to return after some months when the British troops conquered under the banner of Austria?s Archduke Carlos, which the Britis Read More...

"Hip Hop - Who really created Hip Hop music"?

Hip Hop - "The Real True Story" - Who created Hip Hop Music? It's a curiously odd place to be... KRS One Photo courtesy of Creative Commons License At the moment, sitting between a rock and a hard place, but this is where we are at however uncomfortable. KRS One - 12:41 - Success is the word! Memories - hmmm, well... I had written the song before I met Kris (KRS One). Scott (La Rock) was a fine Read More...

Tequila & Tapalpa, Two Very Mexican Town

Tequila and Tapalpa are two small towns in the Mexican state of Jalisco,  that bring forth the opportunities that are quite scarce nowadays.  The first, is the opportunity to travel through time to an authentic Mexico.  The second, is the ability to visit nature at its finest, unaffected by today's pollutants.  Don't believe me?  Then, go check it out at http://patawalk.com Tequila is the name of Read More...

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